Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday boredom...

I don't have any plans for the Christmas holidays, and Helsinki is at just the right temperature to make doing anything outside really difficult. Some of the snow has melted and frozen into ice, making it feel a lot like walking on broken glass: physically and emotionally; I stopped counting the number of unintentional acrobatics after about the 5th or 6th time sliding in some way.

I might implement zlib compression for network traffic in my engine, which should only be a few dozen lines... or something a bit more interesting; stencil shadow volumes could still use more optimization, or some SIMD stuff...

There are at least a few dozen minor X server issues discovered by Coverity, but that's getting dangerously close to Nokia work over the holidays. The majority of the issues are error paths anyway, nothing really critical.

In the more being lazy and doing nothing area, Avatar looks like it could be an interesting movie...


  1. Gotta work on your balance if you want to survive here ;)

    Wish I could suggest something to do but the whole country will be in hibernation today, except for some christmas masses at churches.

  2. Go and see Avatar with the 3D glasses !
    It's marvellous. Well, the scenario isn't that brilliant (too many Hollwood clichés), but the pictures ... man, you gotta see that.

  3. Anaglyph glasses have never worked very well for me, perhaps due to varying degrees of myopia in both my eyes and the awkwardness of trying to wear the anaglyph glasses over/under my regular glasses...

    Although, I have not tried viewing a 3D movie with contact lenses and anaglyph glasses; might be worth a try.

    I actually ended up just watching Avatar at home, though. The visual effects are very nice but I agree about the Hollywood clichés.

    I would consider buying the movie to have a higher quality version. I especially liked the look of the floating jellyfish. (Okay, maybe my mind was drifting to particle engines then.)

  4. I watched the teaser again after having seen the movie: 2D is definately too dull :)
    It's a pity you have troubles with those polarized glasses. I must confess I couldn't see very well for the first 10 minutes (most of which were 3D ads, fortunately), but afterwards I was really *in* the movie.