Sunday, December 20, 2009

Building a better flashlight...

I started looking into the projective light issues in XreaL and my forked engine again. It turned out the problem was setting up the light rotation via both the quaternion and light projection vectors.

The flashlight was working, but would point in the opposite direction you were looking. Right was left and left was right. Of course, it seems simple in hindsight, but these kind of bugs always annoy me until I find out what was going wrong.

Boring screenshot included for the fun of it...


  1. It would be nice to see fewer forks of Quake 3 in existence, would be nice to see them all merged, perhaps into ioquake3.

  2. Yes, ioquake3 is the de facto standard Quake 3 engine now, and XreaL uses ioquake3 as a base, but they both have very different goals.

    My fork of XreaL, Trinity, (from the original development name for Quake 3; nothing to do with Carrie-Anne Moss) again has quite different goals.

    XreaL's main goal is creating a next-generation renderer. I'm happy with Doom 3/Quake 4 quality rendering.

    I'm more interested in trying out experimental things which wouldn't make it into either ioquake3 or XreaL mainline.

    I do occasionally send patches for ioquake3 and XreaL, though.

  3. Thinking about it now, that testFlashLight command could perhaps be half of the field-of-view, instead of the full FOV. I'll have to update that sometime.