Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I was originally going to post this as a tweet, but verbosity got the better of me. Colleagues whom I have worked with (you know who you are) will attest to this fact...

I frequently consider how things may have turned differently based on my own choices; jumping directly into employment versus attending university. Choosing a career as a software engineer as apposed to pursuing interests in chemistry and biology.

I like to think that all-in-all everything worked out okay... On the other hand, there are so many possibilities that I will no longer be able to explore, and that is very disappointing. I will likely never know what it would be like to attend a university, graduate with a PhD (which would probably be in computer science, chemistry and/or biology -- the two being closely related.)

I have even contemplated the idea of assembling a small team for developing small to medium scale games. I don't think there is a way for a small group to compete with triple-A titles, which again is disappointing. Of course this is a pipe-dream. I don't know artists capable of creating the media required, nor any software engineers who would be willing to participate project which has an unknown chance of commercial success. I think these kinds of projects are a Euro short and a decade late.

Well, maybe not a decade late, but at least I don't have the means to bankroll such an endeavor from my personal account. Perhaps it would be interesting to sketch out a graph of my life based on decisions made and not made and see what the projections look like...

If only for more productive hours in the day; but that is another brain-dump entirely.