Tuesday, July 24, 2012

idTech 4 (aka Doom 3) ES2.0

I've pushed my Doom 3 ES2.0 branch onto GitHub including the GLSL shaders. These shaders could also be used as a template to write new ARB programs for the minimum assets required by iodoom3. The shaders are licensed as GPLv3 and Doom 3 is licensed as GPLv3 + additional terms as defined by id Software.

Things are starting to liven up over on #iodoom3 (Freenode) and we'll hopefully start seeing some cool things  very soon. :-)

I've put a PayPal donate button on my blog; many people don't realize the time and effort that goes into these hobby projects. If this project, or other projects of mine have been useful to you, please do make a donation (even if it's a "gold coin donation" 1-2€ or 1-2$)

I'll stop shamelessly pimping myself out now and get ready for my day job.

Happy hacking!