Friday, April 22, 2011

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw Review

I received the CP1525nw on Thursday, and it turns out this is a really great printer for GNU/Linux (which probably means the other HP network-compatible printers are good, too.)

Basically I unpacked it, plugged in Ethernet and power cables, it fetched an IP address from DHCP and displayed it on the small LCD. You can do some basic configuration through this LCD/few-button interface, but it's not worth the trouble; just note the IP address, enter it into a browser, and setup from there.

You can't setup the wireless via the LCD interface (unless you make use of this silly PIN code system which my router doesn't support anyway.)

Everything is configurable over the web interface, and by default mostly everything is enabled and unsecured. I disabled features I wouldn't use, configured the wireless, assigned a static IP, and secured the interface with a password.

Note that while you can configure the wireless it won't actually become active until the Ethernet cable is disconnected. You can't use both interfaces (Ethernet and WiFi) at the same time.

Everything went very smoothly and you don't need any proprietary software, even for setup, which is wonderful. :-)

Complaints thus far, although I haven't had the chance to use it much due to only having a few sheets of blank paper lying around, are as follows:
  • No duplex printing, although you can of course manually duplex your documents by printing even/odd pages in separate jobs.
  • Paper tray is a bit small: 150 sheets. It would be nice to have a 500 sheet tray which would accomidate an entire ream of paper.
Not big issues, and the print quality is very good, so I would recommend this printer. CUPS configuration was quick and painless, and CUPS has a built-in driver.


  1. When you get more into electronics, these things matter too:

    - Does it produce really black black on transparencies?
    - Is it dimensionally accurate to within +-1%?

    I today discovered that my laser makes stripes.. I guess the drum is going bad.

  2. (Retyped this because of BlogSpot being stupid: Pahoittelemme, ettemme voi toteuttaa pyyntöäsi.)

    Well, I didn't really plan for using this printer for home-made PCB's. It probably will be good enough for "large" SMD components (it's 600x600 DPI) however I'm really not so keen on dealing with aerated tanks of my etchant of choice when I probably wouldn't be doing proto runs that often, and it would probably work out easier just having them fabricated at a PCB proto house.

    Btw, about your laser, try to see whether it has some cleaning mode. Mine has this through the Web UI. I understand it just runs a blank page very slowly through the printer with the fuser turned on, hopefully picking up any left-over bits of toner. You could do this manually by printing a blank page over and over (reuse the same page.)

    Unfortunately if the drum is gone, a replacement is usually greater than the cost of buying an entire new printer. Go figure...

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    One of the main advantages of buying a laser printer is not having to mess with replacing supplies so often, and also because it is supposed to be economical. HP is doing its best recently to make printing less economical.

    Unlike its popular predecessors, the cp1525n has VERY small toner cartridges, and you have to get a special chip (or a hack that I'm searching for) to get the printer to accept non-HP toner cartridges.

    While the 2600n would print 2500+ pages in black and white, the 1525n prints less than 800 pages. When a cartridge runs out of toner, you can take it in to your local refill shop (or buy the refill kit yourself) and get the toner refilled, but they have to use special chips that the printer is supposedly using to monitor how much toner you have left. The real purpose is to try to force you to buy HP toner. I have tried a variety of chips, and so far they will not work in genuine HP cartridges, so I have to go completely with 3rd party cartridges. Sometimes even these give errors and refuse to work.

    So now I'm looking at trying to find an old 2600 or 2500 series so that I can have toner cartridges that hold a respectable volume of toner, and so I can have a printer where I can opt-out of genuine HP supplies.

    So if you have a lot of printing to do and don't want the hassle:
    DO NOT BUY THE CP1525N OR CP1525NW!!!!!!!

  6. I agree, I have one of the HP printers as well, and I very satisfied with them.

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