Friday, November 19, 2010

To the airport...

Just FYI for anyone who is interested in the N900 ioquake3 work (there seems to be some interest lately.) I'm taking a short vacation where I'll be completely offline for about 6 days. See you when I'm back.


  1. I'm back in NZ now (just arrived this evening.)

  2. hello oliver , one question about ioquake3 , nokia n900 overclocked 950 or 1150mhz

    can run urban terror 4.1 ??

    i played ioquake3 and run very well

    i searched but i did not found nothing about n900 running urban terror or other mods with ioquake3 in n900

    is it possible?

    in symbian with c2doom i played counter strike or other maps

    in n900 with ioquake , can i play other maps? or games ?

    urban terror for example?

    or must be port x86 linux to arm plattform?

    thanks for ioquake3

  3. Hello oliver,I played urban terror without problem

    but point cursor not calibrated . when i touch with my pencil in touchscreen in quake 3 or urban terror for configurated options in game

    cursor bad not ok, not calibrated , i touch in right display zone and cursor in left zone for example

    do you know?

    any command for this???

    look this