Sunday, June 20, 2010

N900 Quake 3 isn't dead yet...

It's been a while since I've had some free time to hack around with Quake 3 on the N900, and strictly speaking that is still the case, but I've started to look into some issues now. Lightmap support, fixing up the input, and adding support for SixAxis/Dual Shock 3 controllers. :)

Okay, at this point I just have the hardware and basic input working on the device thanks entirely to Tomasz Sterna (and others) work.

I hope tomorrow to get some tangible code added to ioquake3 N900 branch as well as testing out the possible lightmapping fixes and refining touchscreen based input for those who don't have PS3 controllers; I only brought mine today. Btw, does anyone else consider it a bit cheap of Sony not to include a USB to Mini-B cable with the controller, or does the PS3 console come with more than one cable?

Yes, I know it's been a long time, and yes the TS input is currently slightly broken. But well, you know the deal with free-time (or rather the lack thereof) projects...


  1. Well, well....

    This is great news for me Oliver....
    Let me know if you need me to test it...


  2. What about mouse input?

    Using a bluetooth mouse to "look" i have to hold in the left mouse button, even then it only pans the area of the window. If mouse worked properly I'd be playing this all the time, it's surprisingly fun on a lcd/plasma tv with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard!

  3. Unfortunately I haven't actually had time to work much on this or do another release. I'll try to get something out as soon as I can (hopefully rebased against the latest ioquake3 and fixing the input et. al.)

  4. Man, assuming that on the first post you did, taht you said " yes, your favorite mod should now work. ", and that I don't know what is considered mod in this, is it possible to play heretic II on N900? ( it uses quake 3 engine )

  5. Luis, apparently mod support isn't working very well yet... but I'm going to be spending some time on XreaL-ET.

    This will probably mean that the original ioquake3 package receives less development attention, and I have to balance with actual work of course... :-)

    We'll see how things turn out in next few weeks.

  6. Thx mate, in fact I discovered a few mins ago that in fact heretic II uses the quake 2 engine...
    But thanks anyway for your reply, and of course the great work so far!