Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother Nature's a cold hearted bitch...

Unfortunately due to the EU airspace being closed because of the volcanic ash cloud I wasn't able to make it back to Helsinki; I ended up getting stuck in Hong Kong for a night (which was kind of cool; apart from the exceptionally expensive Airport Hotel.)

Yeah, I was lazy and got the closest place, optimistically thinking this might only last a day or two. Finally I decided to get a flight back to New Zealand rather than stay for an unknown period of time in Hong Kong. I don't even want to think about the number of timezones I've crossed in the course of this fiasco... I'm sure the jet-lag will hit hard.

Finnair are offering a refund for unused tickets (once they get around to processing it) so hopefully I will get at least some of my airfair back.

Oh, and if I never hear the words "final boarding call" or "passengers on flight..." again, it will be far too soon.


  1. Hi,

    I don't see any email to you... I'd like to ask how did your 'Revenge' project finish? I mean were there any release or so? I'm interested in your work...

  2. Hi Miro,

    Sorry if I haven't replied to your email; I still haven't cleared my work related backlog let alone other projects. :-)

    Revenge worked quite well, but unfortunately due to the server crash my home directory was wiped out. I do have a copy of the Git tree, but again, unfortunately it's on a powered-down computer in Helsinki.

    There were still a number of features I'd like to add, for example integration with the kernel MMIO tracer so that register access from the kernel driver is tracked too.

    A lot of this is moot now, since AMD are providing very good documentation. I can see it being useful for debugging or "undocumented" features, though.

    I will try to get the source available once I'm back in Finland.