Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maemo 5/ioquake3 with native QVM's...

A number of people have asked me questions along the lines of "can I play my favorite Quake 3 mod with your package on Maemo?" The answer used to be that you could not, due to changes in the Client Game (cgame) module. I've now fixes these issues (mostly absolute vs. relative touchscreen events) so that an unmodified cgame will work correctly.

The short answer: yes, your favorite mod should now work.

I have done absolutely no testing other than checking that the vanilla, unmodified QVM's shipped on the Quake 3 CD work as expected. So your millage may vary.

There are still a couple of issues with UI interaction, but since this is a highly requested feature, and I have a flight to catch in some hours, I'm pushing ioquake3 (1558-maemo6) to extras-devel now.

Also, there are two cvar's you might like to tweak: sensitivity and accel_sensitivity.

Pro-tip: the key combination "Fn (Blue Arrow) + =" is Escape, and "Fn + Sym" is console up/down. Yes, eventually I will write some better release notes. :-)


  1. [2010-03-10 09:38:01] Processing package ioquake3 1558-maemo6. Uploader: omcfadde, builder: builder1
    [2010-03-10 09:38:03] Building ioquake3 1558-maemo6 for target 'maemo-fremantle-armel-extras-devel'
    [2010-03-10 09:39:31] OK
    [2010-03-10 09:39:35] Signing build results
    [2010-03-10 09:39:35] ioquake3 1558-maemo6 has been queued for loading into fremantle extras-devel repository
    [2010-03-10 09:39:37] You can find more info about this build here:

  2. Btw, the path for the game files is still /home/user/baseq3; MyDocs seems to have permissions problems when installing the *.cfg files via dpkg.

  3. Thanks buddy, for the great work in here....
    Have a blast on your holiday!


  4. Hi buddy,

    since the update the settings are way of and no change of using the stylus in the menu!
    Been tweaking a bit but still can't find a good alignment.
    Being that this update can't set back to previous settings, it is a pain to get through.

    Also tried a Matrix mod and like before the game crashes...

  5. 2 others crashed as well....
    So I think we have to wait some more buddy1

    But don't sweat it!

    my only issue is that the stylus on the screen is unresponsive

  6. Yeah, I'm on the bus to the airport now so it will probably have to wait until I arrive in NZ (and perhaps after some sleep.)

  7. Look at this guy! Going on holiday and working from his N900! Bravo!

  8. hahaaha, have a blast there and hopefully I can get that stylus to work properly.
    I just can't get it to respond on the screen.
    When I tap the screen nothing happens..
    And the swipe screen option is also not so responsive

    Any thought on how to set that in cfg files??

  9. Roland, the package should install any *.cfg files required into /home/user/baseq3 (Yes, I will look at moving this to /opt) but you could try tweaking the "sensitivity" and "accel_sensitivity" cvar's. Drop down the console, and type:
    set sensitivity 5.0
    and adjust to your preference.

    It could also be there are bugs in the input handling code. I did the conversion from absolute to relative coordinates very quickly and it does require some further tweaking...

  10. Thanks for your reply...
    Still offers me almost anything better...

    I dropped down to previous version as also the FPS were less than before....

    I will wait for your newer version..
    Let me know if you need me to test it...

    How is the holiday or are you back already?


  11. Yo mate,

    would like to hear from you.....
    How is it going?
    And the progress on Quake 3 mods or Quake 2?

    The quake 2 that is available looks terrible...
    Plays terrible as well

  12. Hi Roland,

    I'm back from vacation now, although I'm stuck in New Zealand after returning from Hong Kong when I couldn't travel any further due to the volcanic ash.

    Right now I'm pretty busy with work related things, but I will try to make some time to play with Quake 3 again within the next month. I confess it is quite fun hacking Q3 instead of the X server or drivers. ;-)

  13. Hahahaha, i believe it does!

    I am psychiatrist so some time away from weird folk is always great...

    I hope you had a great holiday and gained some new energy....

    Still looking forward to a proper quake2 version than that mod quake3 version...



  14. Hi Oliver,

    new layout but still no reply from your smart brain...

    Any news on mods running in ioquake?

  15. Still working on it in my free time... I have some updates and fixes already in my local tree but I need to test them some more before pushing to extras-devel. :)

  16. Hi Oliver,
    pls, how can i play Urban Terror on ma N900? pls .. can you heelp me? some brief instruction

  17. urban terror in n900 with ioquake or without it , with urban terror 4.1?????

    n900 overclocked 1150mhz ,